Bathrooms and bathroom renovations are a core building service undertaken by Potenza builders. We realize that modernizing a bathroom is high on many homeowners’ list of priorities when renovating their homes. Though it may seem strenuous in the beginning, rest assured you would want it to be nothing short of welcoming and pleasant. That is where we come in! Potenza builders brings you the bathroom renovation experience of your dreams with builders based right here in Essex. Be it renovation, refurbishment or replacement we offer a range of services, paired with the outstanding skills of our east London builders to have your bathroom looking a cut above the rest. An efficient easy process with a team of flexible dedicated builders who aim to please and make your bathroom renovation a success.


Bathroom Renovation & Refurbishment

The process of renovating your bathroom sounds daunting, and it certainly isn’t a DIY project, it requires precision, careful planning alongside trying to understand what bathroom replacement and renovation services best suit your home. that paired with trying to decipher what something like a flooring installation or plastering means in terms of your bathroom refurbishment or renovation can seem tedious.  We promise to be there every step of the way. From plastering, bathroom suite installation, tiling and plumbing to then catering them specifically to your liking, we’ve got the right builder near you for the job. All things efficiency-related is our specialty, whether it is time, cost or design we make sure to remain within the provided budget frames. While taking into account what our builders in Essex can offer you and your home.


Why Hire Potenza?

Potenza construction offers a wide variety of building services which range from landscaping and roofing, as well as complete house renovations. Potenza builders does it all. We carry out electrical work as well plumbing, extensions, fencing and conversions. We do flooring, boiler installations and any construction work needed. Our comprehensive building services, along with project quality makes us the best builder in Essex. 

Bathroom Installation

Our services scale from bathroom installation, plastering, tiling, plumbing and even electrics! But it doesn’t stop there, we are also maestros in building services. such as extensions, loft conversions, in text kitchen renovation and property renovation. So, it could be a complete makeover or a simple touch up. We’ll leave that up to you, while providing an efficient building service, unparalleled commitment and meticulous attention to detail you would have no choice but to lay back and relax. Just let the professionals work their builder magic. Leaving you with the simple task of laying down your perception for your bathroom renovation also with which we would be more than happy to lend a hand. Understanding what you would want the future of your bathroom refurbishment or replacement to look like can prove to be a challenge. Especially when remaining within budgetary constraints. But our goal is to clear all roadblocks to the path of beautiful new bathroom space.


The Best Builder for Your Home Renovations

Finding the right building services to meet your home renovation needs can be taxing and requires a reliable team of builders that are able to understand and relate to your vision. Hiring Potenza builders and their team of exceedingly capable Essex builders would guarantee nothing short of a smooth sailing bathroom refurbishment experience. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to extensions and loft conversions we are the best! Because we realize the need for high standards and work of an exceptional quality better than anyone else. And who is more fit to determine the aesthetic of your home and bathroom space better than you? We are simply here to turn your vision into reality. A personal touch to your home and bathroom through the knowledge and expertise of our building services creates the ultimate visionary masterpiece. This means you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve got the Essex builder dream team on the renovation job.


    Potenza builders is a company that constantly learns new things and strives to be better each day. 


    All our building works are guaranteed and insured. 

  • We Meet Deadlines

    With Potenza builders you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines. 

  • Sustainable Design

    If you want eco-friendly and at the same time a long-lasting home improvement, Potenza builders has everything you need! 

  • Attention to Detail

    When you choose our company, there will be no unfinished things after we’re done.


Suite 3 The Hamilton Centre, Rodney Way, Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM1 3BY


Suite 3 The Hamilton Centre, Rodney Way, Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM1 3BY

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